Ukuejubola Kelvin

Software Engineer
JavaScript | Web experience | node | React | Amateur python

I like:

Araye, Welcome here and thanks for visiting.

I'm a front-end developer. But it just doesn't end there, I also have some little experience in back-end (using node), some love for UX, and currently learning python, but the front end is where I have more fun with. As a fun person too, my heart lies more with the front end. I love building projects that I find fun, useful, beautiful and accessible.

I do magic with these prefered stack of node, react and graphql. Putting coding aside, I enjoy listening to good music and playing with oil and acrylic paints.

kelvinsekx mission is to build neat, small and decomposable web with as much default technologies(html, css and vanilla javaScript) as possible together with emerging and modern frameworks and technologies.

Well, Thanks for wanting to read the details. Ukuejubola Kelvin Oritsetimeyin is an Educator, developer and Economist. He is a graduate of Economics and Education ([Ed]) from the prestigiuos University of Ibadan. He is a Nigerian and African. He takes pride in those.

He was initially more into artistical painting in his early undergrads days. And got into programming in his final years during the usual ASSU strike(But this strike was internal). He used the free time he had during the strike to learn html, css, and PHP. And the rest is more or less an history. In short, He is self taught engineer.

He got into coding with PHP and later learnt javaScript. Now he is in love with javaScript and preaces JS everywhere he could.

Currently because of his love for econometrics (that he so much hated in his grad days), he spends few time to master python and R language and how they could be used in data Science and econometrics. To him,econometrics is the future of economics and it is so fun.

It is noteworthy to say that he is the very jovial type and no dull moment with him.

If you got here, thanks for reading so far and you deserve to laugh. TAKE THIS JOKE: Do you know that tall children are not taller than their parents? Well, if you don't know, now you know at least. If you still don't believe, then you would have been taller than the tallest tree in your home town. lol