Digging Mern IV: Minimal express

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Last modified on Fri, October 23,2020

Before now, we already used express to dump a static public folder. However, that isnot sufficient for us. Express is a node framework that is small and yet robust.

In this part, we would be discussing this minimal and robust framework a little extra.

What is Express?

Express is a web framework built on node js. It is popular for being minimal and yet big enough to contain anything you want from a robust backend framework. It robustness lies on the modules called middleware that can be extended with express.

Bonus, express creator is TJ Holowaychuk.

What are middlewares?


Routing is the mechanism of serving contents as requested from the client. In express, routing is performed by a router

A router ...

  1. takes a client request,
  2. and then matches the request with pre-defined routes,
  3. if a match is found, it then calls an handler function (popular as callback) that responds to the match found.

Besides, routing can take different forms. This is regarded as Route Specification. It consists of either of the http method (GET, POST, PUT etc).

Also when a route matches, a handler function is called as a response. This is the second argument passed to a router.

The handler function is passed two arguments (or parameters), the request object and the response object.

Example Router

A typical route will look like this.

app.get('/hello', (req, res)=>{
    res.send('Hello Love !!')
  1. get: as the route specification,
  2. '/hello': url to be matched,
  3. (req, res)=>...: callback handler function.
  4. req, res: as request and response object respectively.

What is next?

Next, we will dig deep into graphql, why we use it over rest api in this tutorial. And afterwards create our api from there.

Closing Note.

Express is indeed minimal. If I had known this little about express when I started programming may be I would have become a fast explorer of the framework.

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