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Last modified on Tue, August 25,2020


Hello Dear, I am very happy to see you here.This is my first post. It feels good I make some impressions clear before reading on.

I love being happy and meeting my lots of expectations. It makes me sad when I dont meet those expectations. In that regard, here, I will be writing everything web development and fun things in between. If you like everything web too, YAY~~~ We are pals. You can help me share the fun and love I pass with every articles of mine if you deem it fit.

My articles are not aimed at complete beginners. I am very sad I couldnot make nicer writings or articles for newbies but do not worry there is just far more better newbie teachers and coders online. Sometimes I contribute to newbie writeup on Mozilla dev. I am a mozillian too. Please find it well to read the docs at Mozilla dev if you are a complete beginner or struggle with my writings, in fact that was how I got into javascript.

Why I write ?

Leaving that aside, I write with you and me in mind, I love what I do and I write this articles with love.

The reason I write here is to help you first and then myself. Articles here are written with utmost sincerity and naiveness. What's most important is that when you read, remember it is written by another human. Try to be fair when.

If you love me like I love you, say hi when you can on any of the platform on the Home Page

Writing intervals.

Also,this articles will be available once per week. It sure sounds difficult but I hope christ strengthens. I am working on a good plan for newsletter I am sorry I have to make you think to remember. This inconvenience would definitely not last.


On a closing note, I love criticisms, I love cooperation as much as I love competitions. If you get to see any issue on my writings please send a message. I promise to resolve complains as fast as I can. Errors are almost inevitable, I am human.


Before I end this post, mummy I love you. You might not understand my writings or post, but I hope one day I make you just as happy as you have never been.

I want to say thank you to Daniel and James for being those tough friends.

My stay in the university would not have been fun without some cool friends: jidescata, AB, Jiladi, Bolu and wura who loved me irrespective of my unusual traits.

To all the girls I loved: Fawole Feranmi, Lola, Bukunmi Aje Josphine and Sadiha Dauda.

Also to peace of Gawu who is the meekest of them all.


closing note

Thank you for reading thus far. I have something you should check out --ellie goulding army-- that the song I was litsening to when I made this post. I hope you find the joy in the song just like I did.

Here's a video to the song. Like my friend jideScata would say ENJOY!!!!

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