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Last modified on Mon, August 24,2020

What if I told you, "developer, you really do not need a border".

As a newbie developer, one of the quick things I learnt concerning link style is to set the decoration to none.

text-decoration: none

In fact most CSS books and course do not go into what more the text-decoration has to offer. For me I assumed the only value for text-decoration was even “none”. Until now, I got to know text-decoration can do a little bit more.

Text-decoration is the short hand for text-decoration-line, text-decoration-color, text-decoration-style, and text-decoration-thickness. And these variables are in no particular order. That is text-decoration-color can come first or last or in-between and vice-versa for any of the other variables.

text-decoration: text-decoration-line |text-decoration-color |text-decoration-style |text-decoration-thickness

**Joke Time : dedicated to my grandpa**

Grandpa would always say "I will cut your legs, those ones you work with"

Me: ): Who works with the hands anyways.

**What if I interview you : little quick questions I try and answer myself**

Implement a Math.pow() like function. Give your function an interesting name, let it have two parameters(or arguments), so that

    pow(2,3)//returns 8

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Hope you laughed, thanks for reading. Remember to be you, a great individual.

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